In the last twelve months, a collection of 23 fine sketches by Alfred have been put on the market, and the owner has kindly allowed the Association to include photos of them in the Inventory. In addition 45 others were acquired by a member previously, in particular depicting scenes in Paris. These are in addition to some 50 excellent drawings held by the Polish National Art Museum in Warsaw, giving a total of some 130 known pencil or ink works, treating a wide range of subjects. Some were later used as the basis for oil paintings which we have on record. Not all the drawings were signed, but can be identified as authentic by their distinctive style.    


The Association would like to take this opportunity to thank the many owners of the artist's paintings, who have sent in photographs of them over the past few years. The result has been that the inventory has increased dramatically, to the extent of several dozen or more works per year. Thereby our analytical knowledge of the painter's output has improved considrably, enabling us to provide much more information to owners concerning their paintings. Please continue to help us build the inventory, by sending in photos, the rights of which remain strictly with the owners,


Festival Normandy Impressionniste 2016 : Two large paintings by Alfred Swieykowski will be exhibited in the magnificent Bernay Fine Arts Museum (Eure County - 27), under the auspices of the Normandy Impressionnist Art Festival, whose theme is the Portrait. The Museum has chosen to exhibit paintings of  'Ladies absorbed in reading : from Emma Bovary to Marie-Claire'. Reserve your visit next year then to (re)discover the two Alfred Swieykowski paintings selected to be part of the exhibition : 'Portrait of Lina-Alexandrine reading', and 'Suzanne in the garden'!


A Major painting discovered : The Church of Saint Jacques, in the parish of Orcier, (Haute-Savoie county) has for many years possessed a magnificent unsigned painting (3.1 x 4.4 m) representing the crucification of Christ... Thanks to a lucky meeting of the church'es local historian and a member of our association, the painter could be identified : Alfred Swieykowski! A discovery which merits a visit to the attractive village of Orcier, especially since the painting has been sublimely restored at great expense by the local paritionners. Moreover, the work dates from the artist's early years, in a classical style, a period for which few of his paintings have been located.



 Notre association voudrait saisir l'occasion ici de remercier les nombreux propriétaires de tableaux et dessins de l'artiste qui nous ont envoyé leurs photos ces dernières années.


 Il en résulte que l'inventaire a augmenté de façon spectaculaire, et que des dizaines d'oeuvres vinrent s'ajouter par an.


 Ainsi, notre connaissance analytique du style du peintre a considérablement progressé, ce qui nous permet de donner des informations plus précises aux propriétaires qui nous contactent à propos de leurs tableaux. Nous vous engageons donc à continuer de nous aider à établir un inventaire grâce à l'envoi de vos photos dont les droits demeurent strictement confidentiels. 


Festival Normandie Impressionniste 2016 : Alfred Swieykowski exposé au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bernay. Deux grands tableaux d'Alfred Swieykowski seront exposés dans ce magnifique lieu de l'Eure (27), dans le cadre de l'exposition organisée pour la prochaine édition de Normandie Impressionniste qui aura pour thème le Portrait. Le Musée proposera autour de cette thématique une exposition dédiéé à la lecture, intituléé "portraits de lectrices, d'Emma Bovary à Marie-Claire". Rendez-vous donc, l'année prochaine pour y (re)découvrir les deux toiles d'Alfred Swieykowski retenues, 'Portrait de Lina-Alexandrine à la lecture' et 'Suzanne dans le jardin', au sein de cette exposition qu'il nous tarde de visiter! :


 Les membres de l'Association des Amis d'Alfred Swieykowski peuvent obtenir sur simple demande  une copie du mémoire de maîtrise produit par Madame Catherine Bouffaré à la Sorbonne.


 Découverte d'un tableau religeux : L'église Saint-Jacques d'Orcier, située dans le département de la Haute-Savoie, sur la commune d'Orcier, était fière de compter depuis de nombreuses années un magnifique et majestueuse (310x440cm) tableau sur la thème de la Crucifixion, mais sans en connaître l'auteur... Grace à l'implication des membres de notre association et un joli concours de circonstances, l'auteur de ce tableau a pu être identifié : Alfred Swieykowski! Une magnifique découverte qui vaut une visite dans ce très bel écrin de verdure qu'est le village d'Orcier, d'autant plus que ce tableau, très apprécié des paroissiens, a bénéficié d'un sublime travail de restauration.




Members of the Association of the friends of Alfred Swieykowski may obtain a copy of the University mémoire on the works of the painter, studied by Madame Catherine Bouffaré at the Sorbonne.


In the last few months, many previously unknown paintings have been located. The Association is contacting the owners in order to obtain permission for photographs to be taken and recorded in the internal inventory. The inventory is confidential and not directly accessible without permission from the owners of the paintings. The inventory of the complete works of the painter is a long-term project, as it is estimated that he must have completed more than one thousand at the very least, of which approximately one third have been recorded. To this end we ask anyone who may know of a Swieykowski painting which is unknown to the Association to contact the Secretary using the contacts section in the site menu.  


Four previously unknown paintings by the artist have recently been auctioned, adding to our knowledge of his range of work. We have been able to identify the locations where some of them were painted.


 The Art Historian Bernard Pataux has produced a treatise defining the work of Alfred Swieykowski. Please contact the Secretary if you wish to consult it.